The Miley Cyrus School of Twerking Your Brand

Twerking Your Brand QUO VADIS

Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs has set social media and news tongues wagging, but beyond the histrionics about her role in escalating the fall of our modern Rome, there are some branding lessons to be learned regarding her effective use of the distinctiveness heuristic (see our video on the art and science here). specifically, the way she’s activated an iconographic brand element. Note in the photo above how her face mirrors the design on her costume, and recall how, leading up to the VMAs she began using this expression, reinforced it throughout her performance, and continues to do so afterwards.

Quite sophisticated (and very effective) branding if you asked me—regardless of the questionable taste of her performance.

More of my thoughts about how to activate your own brand’s iconography, here in this video:

Be bold and prosper.


Rick Julian is an award winning Creative Director and Brand Strategist at his agency QUO VADIS, a branding agency in Atlanta, GA.

Rick Julian

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