The most powerful and transformative brands are the result of strong belief and trust in the agency/client relationship. A few words from some of the wonderful people and companies we've had the honor and pleasure of partnering with.

Tara QV Brands Testimonial

Tara Russell

Founder & President, Fathom, a Carnival brand

Rick does life differently
He immerses himself in his partnerships with a hunger to learn and serve.
He's genuine in all he does
He can make anyone feel comfortable
He assembles highly capable, caring, and fun teams
He's really good at holding people's hands
He has wine at video shoots!
He built me a beautiful brand
and he's forever part of Fathom's foundation and future.

QV Brands Testimonial Nellie Greely

Nellie Greely

EVP Marketing, Media & Technology, America's SAP User's Group (ASUG)

Rick and I met by happenstance at an Economist marketing conference five years ago, and I consider that day to be one of the luckiest of my professional career. He is the most astute creative talent I have ever met and I have been fortunate to engage Rick on several projects over the last five years that have enabled me to strengthen and elevate the ASUG brand in ways I never thought possible. I think that’s due partly to the unique lens through which he views the possibilities (and responsibilities) of branding, and in no small measure due to the very palpable, even groovy, energy he brings to all of his work. I’m better for knowing him – and better still for having had the opportunity to work alongside him. I look forward to our continued partnership.

QV Brands Testimonial Julie Roeme

Julie Roeme

Chief Storyteller and SVP of Strategic Relationships, SAP.

“Rick Julian is a well-known expert in his field. Still, when you invite people to speak at events you often get a cookie cutter talk. Rick is the exception to that rule!

For our global marketing event in NYC he not only addressed our themes of simplification, collaboration and innovation, but showed how it's done in a B to B world, a B to C world, and how the two intersect. Because to quote Rick, “Inside the suits, we are all people.”


QV Brands Testimonial Stephen Seabolt

Stephen Seabolt

Vice President, Creative Strategy and Content, American Cancer Society

Rick dives into brand-building projects with a belief that even a small assignment could become the game-changer. He combines strong listening skills with a philosopher’s insight into culture & human behavior. His teams will push the boundaries, embrace risk & uncertainty, and still hit the objectives on time. Our collaboration on some unconventional projects for Sprite and Coke was an adventure and a pleasure.

QV Brands Testimonial Carmen Walsh

Carmen Walsh

Global Director Corporate Marketing & Communications, AGCO Corp.

When I first met Rick, he told me the "Future belongs to the boldest brands." Then he and his team proceeded to create one of the most remarkable branding campaigns the building industry had ever seen: positioning brick as a fashion statement for the home was a very bold move.

As a result, Hanson's brand awareness grew, our revenue and our profits grew, and our vision for our company's brand grew.

If you want your company's brand to blend in with the rest of your competitors, don't call Rick. However, if you want your brand to have a unique presence that drives sales, I can't think of anyone better to call.

QV Brands Testimonials Chuck Reese

Chuck Reese

Founder and Editor-In-Chief, The Bitter Southerner

Rick is highly creative and deeply fearless—a powerful combination.


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