Brand Strategy: The Art and Science of Memory and Branding

Brand Strategy : The Art & Science of Memory and Branding

Brand research is a critical component of developing an effective brand strategy. In this brand research video from QUO VADIS, Rick Julian shares the neuroscience of memory, and how you can leverage it to improve your brand’s performance.

At its core, branding is an exercise in memory creation, cultivation, and retention, and the most effective way to consistently succeed in this effort is to leverage what neuroscientists call “distinctiveness”. It’s actually a simple concept we’re all familiar with in our daily lives: basically, people remember things that are different more than they do things that are similar. For example, imagine walking into a room filled with women, each wearing a red dress. Now imagine a woman wearing a red dress walking in to that room.

Where will all of the attention in the room go?
Who will be the most visually memorable woman in the room?

The very same dynamics are at play for your brand—regardless of your industry, your product, or service. In a sea of similarity the most memorable brands are the ones that don’t blend in.

You can’t be an outstanding brand if you don’t stand out.

But the mechanics of memory, its skeleton, are only half of the branding strategy equation. The other half is its muscle and flesh—the creative execution of your message: what people see and hear defines how they will feel about your branding, and research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has shown “emotional events are often remembered with greater accuracy and vividness . . . than events lacking an emotional component”

Bottom line, brand researchers: make it different, make it beautiful, and make it evoke an emotion.


By Rick Julian
QUO VADIS Branding Agency