Dove Redux: Real Beauty Sketches

Last month, I took the Dove brand and their agency to task for my sense of their misguided hypocrisy in a previous video. You can read “Dove Rant” here.

This morning  I was greeted by new work  from them that swung the pendulum to the opposite side. This newest effort possesses a level of consciousness and humanistic depth that deserves applause. It’s a sophisticated object lesson in teaching women–and, by extension, all of us–that often the greatest wounds to our self-perceptions are self-inflicted–a point made evident when we’re given a glimpse at how others see us.

This, my branding and marketing friends, is the kind of work we should all aspire to: work that not only informs and raises awareness, but also inspires and elevates the spirit of the people in the markets we serve. Yes, “serve”. Perhaps if we’re more conscious about the spiritual impact our work has on the people who consume it, we’ll produce more work like this piece–work whose aim is not only to enrich our clients, but also their customers.

Well done Dove and Ogilvy/Toronto.

Be bold and prosper.



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