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Market share is not won by weak brand strategy and creative—your corporate brand’s fortune rises and falls with your ability to command the attention of your audience, and etch your message into their memories.

Branding, in its essence, is an exercise in cultivating and growing memories—memories that play very specific roles in defining how people perceive and experience your company.

What images, words, and sounds do people recall when they see your logo? How do people describe how your brand makes them feel? Put your thumb over your website or print ad’s logo, will people still identify them as yours—is your brand’s “look” that distinctive?

Every single image, video, design, tv commercial, billboard . . . your potential customer sees influences the answer to these questions, and the highest performance brands are those most sophisticated in the art and science of defining people’s perceptions.

Style and substance, intelligence and beauty, enlightening and entertaining—these are the hallmarks of creative branded assets customers to remember, and inspire them to do business with you.